Thursday, 18 August 2011

Welcome to Reflections on CLIL

Welcome! This is the very first post on the "Reflections on CLIL" blog. We have started a blog on CLIL (content and language integrated learning), in order to share our ponderings and questions as we work with teachers and schools in implementing CLIL. We work in the Netherlands, but hope that our thoughts will also be useful for an international public.

During our work in schools, many questions arise - from the teachers we work with, as well as in our own minds - about what effective CLIL really is, how to help teachers learn about CLIL and really put it into practice in their own classrooms. We are going to explore these questions on this blog.

Questions like: How can P.E. (Physical Education) teachers really do something with language in their gyms? What are the real benefits of vocational CLIL? How can English and subject teachers work together efficiently to help their students benefit from both language and content? How can teachers find the time to work on CLIL when they are already incredibly busy?

If you're interested, do sign up to our blog. We hope this can also become a site for discussion and debate about a variety of CLIL-related topics.

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  1. Hi Rosie - Maybe I am posting this twice, trying to get the hang of this! Anyway...this blog is a good idea!
    I would like to know if colleagues have any experience with the following: We are planning to start a monitoring trajectory for our CLIL teachers, including keeping a mandatory language profile, taking enquetes in the classroom, professional schooling and colleague coaching. The coaching would include intervision and lesson observation and feedback, with two colleagues concentrating on use of English and two on CLIL methodology. Any advice/experience is welcome! Thanks!
    Beverly Schuil, Isendoorn College