Friday, 28 October 2011

Bilingual vmbo

Facts about tvmbo and book "Proud to be tvmbo"
In October 2011 the book “Proud to be tvmbo” was published by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ex-IVLOS) at Utrecht University, written by Rosie Tanner and Rick de Graaff. It is the result of a short research project of 200 hours into good practice in tvmbo. The book is written in accessible language for teachers and management working in or planning to work in tvmbo (or bilingual pre-vocational secondary schools).

I am writing a few blog entries about parts of the book which I think are interesting for our readers. This blog is a “did you know...?” one!

Did you know…
  • there is a network for vmbo schools which have already started bilingual vmbo? If you are interested, contact Leo van Putten ,the chair of the network. His email address is:
  •  there are 5 schools that started tvmbo in 2010?
  •  there are 31 schools in the tvmbo network already?
  • there are 14 schools that have already started tvmbo?
  • there is a quality standard for tvmbo schools?
  • tvmbo schools must give a minimum of 30% of their classes in English?
  • for tvmbo GL/TL, students have to achieve a level of B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference (commonly known as the CEFR) in either reading OR listening, and in either speaking or writing?
  • at least two subjects in the curriculum must be in English?
  • teachers teaching in tvmbo have to have a level on the CEFR of at least B2?

 Tanner, R. & de Graaff, R. 2011. Proud to be tvmbo: Teachers’ and students’ opinions about good practice in bilingual secondary vocational education (tweetalig vmbo). Centre for Teaching and Learning, Utrecht University. ISBN 978-90-393-5566-4

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