Monday, 7 November 2011

Proud to be tvmbo (2)

Book “Proud to be tvmbo” (2): 10 conclusions
Again related to the book “Proud to be tvmbo” (2011, Tanner, R. & de Graaff, R.), we thought you might be interested in some of the conclusions.

1.     Tvmbo students are practically unanimous in wanting their teachesr to use English in their lessons 100% of the time.
2.     The academic performance of tvmbo students in English will probably be higher than their peers in regular vmbo streams.
3.     Tvmbo motivates students and may well stimulate a positive self-concept.
4.     The Dutch language skills of students in tvmbo should not be affected if they attend tvmbo classes. However, schools need to keep a careful eye on students who might need remedial attention.
5.     Teachers should teach language learning strategies to tvmbo students, particularly reading strategies and particularly to boys.
6.     Schools need to invest in teachers’ language skills if they teach in tvmbo.
7.     Teachers need “CLIL skills” to be able to deal with the language of their own subject (be it drama, science, car mechanics or cookery).
8.     Collaboration between the English and subject teachers should be stimulated to enhance teaching efficiency.
9.     EIO is extremely motivating for tvmbo students.
10.  English first, CLIL methodology later.

Tanner, R. & de Graaff, R. 2011. Proud to be tvmbo: Teachers’ and students’ opinions about good practice in bilingual secondary vocational education (tweetalig vmbo). Centre for Teaching and Learning, Utrecht University. ISBN 978-90-393-5566-4

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